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Frequency Matters

Patients in your community benefit greatly from blood donors. Because of this, LifeShare rewards frequent donors for their contribution to the blood supply - a vital community resource.

When you donate blood or blood components two or more times within a calendar year, you will receive bonus points to use in the Donor Club online store. (View online store items here)

Donors Plus frequency bonus points are the same for all donation types and begin anew each calendar year. Bonus points are automatically added to your Donor Club account in addition to points rewarded for each donation. You will see your bonus points rolled into the donation total of the donation that made you eligible for frequency points.

2 Donation Visits - 100 bonus points

4 Donation Visits - 200 bonus points

6 Donation Visits - 300 bonus points

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Together, we are changing the world one life at a time. Read how giving blood has affected both recipients and donors in the community.

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One out of every three people will need a blood transfusion during their lifetime. Can you help provide it? 

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