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Sign up to donate blood three times in 2014 and you’ll receive a stainless steel keepsake mug upon your third donation at a LifeShare center. Sign up below or go to your nearest LifeShare center this January.

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In 2014, make a resolution to donate blood three times. Sign up below and you'll get a pledge card when you go donate at a LifeShare center. Upon your third donation at LifeShare, you will receive a stainless steel mug as a reminder of the lives you have saved.

Make a resolution this year that makes a difference. Visit one of LifeShare Blood Centers' locations or sign up below and make your New Year's resolution to donate today!

One in three people will need blood at some point in their life. Only 37 percent of the U.S. population is eligible to give blood, and about one in ten of those people do. With such a small percentage of the population that are blood donors, we depend on repeat donors to keep the blood supply up. If it weren’t for the blood donors in our community who voluntarily give of themselves, the blood simply wouldn’t be available. Blood cannot be made; it must be provided by donors like you.

Participants in the Resolution 2014 program must donate with LifeShare Blood Centers at least three times during the calendar year 2014. Whole blood, a blood component, or multiple blood components during one visit is considered one donation. Participants must sign up either through this form, at a LifeShare center, by calling the center, or by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Sign-ups will not occur at mobile drives. Upon the donor’s third donation with LifeShare Blood Centers in 2014, a stainless steel mug will be provided upon request at the center. If the donor is not able to retrieve the mug from the center, LifeShare Blood Centers will send the mug upon request.

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